Inversa Specializes in the Condition Assessment of Buried Infrastructure Using:

  • Unique tools
  • Innovative techniques 
  • Industry leading procedures
  • Robust condition assessment reporting
  • Holistic asset integrity management programs

Inversa's goal is to provide the condition assessment required to best support an orginization's strategic goals and meet the requirements of their asset management strategies. These programs can be undertaken by Inversa staff or can involve the hand-off of tools to an organizations existing team. 

InScribe™ is Inversa's tablet based field level data collection software. It allows inspectors to capture each element involved in a condition assessment starting with inventory information and moving onto more in depth pieces of data. A full structural condition assessment requires various types of information such as visual inspection as well as more advanced evaluation methods. The level of inspection can be elevated from screening to structural condition assessment as required. 

InSight™ is the world's first CAT Scan for infrastructure. The diagnostic imaging capabilities of the system enable structural information about the soil surrounding buried Corrugated Metal Pipe to be measured and visualized. 

Condition Assessment

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Inversa has the experience and expertise to offer all types of NDT services. 

Non-Destructive Testing is used in all industrial sectors. At its foundation, it is the acquisition of condition state information about a specific piece of infrastructure without disruption or disassembly. Some of these techniques are low-tech such as visual inspection and some involve highly sensitive detection methods that measure pertinent physical attributes of the material under examination.

What they all have in common is the value of offering important condition information to the asset owner and operator to enhance decision making on critical infrastructure to increase safety and decrease unexpected shutdown and/or failure.