The Important Questions in Infrastructure Asset Management

  • What assets exist and where are they?
  • What are the assets worth?
  • What condition are the assets in?
  • What service is expected of these assets and what is the criticality of the service?
  • What is the acceptable level of risk associated with the asset?
  • When does action need to be taken - maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, monitoring, replacement or decommission?
  • How much will the action cost?
  • How do you ensure long term affordability and sustainability of the asset? 

Inversa has the experience, expertise and tools required to help answer these questions about your buried Infrastructure. 

Infrastructure Asset Management

Infrastructure Asset Management

By engaging in a comprehensive condition assessment and the systematic prioritization of rehabilitation projects, there is an opportunity to plan proactive maintenance and rehabilitation as opposed to reactively repairing or replacing assets as they fail. Fundamentally, a reactive approach to maintenance potentially compromises safety and costs far more than investing in a proactive asset integrity management program.

Inversa Offers:

  • Inventory and condition assessment tools
  • Desktop asset inventory analysis and prioritization
  • Condition assessment services
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Asset Management Consulting