Inversa Systems Creates the Tools and Programs to Keep Infrastructure Operating

Inversa Systems is an engineering company that provides asset integrity management products and solutions using diagnostic information created by its unique condition assessment tools. These products all have one thing in common: they are solutions to previously unsatisfied problems involving unmet inspection challenges that have persisted in various industries.

Inversa develops unique technologies, bundled with conventional condition assessment methods and packaged with standardized protocols, to create a holistic condition assessment product for a particular asset.

Our History

The story of Inversa starts with the idea of taking medical Computed Tomography (CT or CAT scan) imaging out of a medical setting and using it to gain information about the world’s infrastructure. Borrowing technology from medicine is nothing new in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Medical Ultrasounds were modified and are used in industry in the form of Ultrasonic Testing (UT), and medical X-Ray laid the foundation for industrial radiography. 

This tradition continues with Backscatter Computed Tomography - the first portable CT scan for Infrastructure. The first challenge for Inversa was to develop the imaging platform and create a field ready unit that was practical for use in an industrial setting. This has been achieved and the systems is in commercial use for application in the Oil and Gas sector as well as in Civil Infrastructure.

Inversa is continuing to develop new applications for the use of BCT to solve unsatisfied inspection challenges in various other industries. This involves understanding the needs of that industry and the specific infrastructure problem being faced.  Satisfying these problems often requires the combination of BCT with other conventional techniques to offer a whole solution. 

In addition to exploring new uses for BCT, Inversa is constantly engaged in developing new and unique tools to offer better information to those who operate infrastructure around the world. Inversa’s strong culture of research, development, scientific inquiry and problem solving is core to everything Inversa does and is made possible by a highly skilled team of experts in their respective fields.

Our Leadership

President & CEO John Bowles, BScE, MScE, P.Eng
VP Business Development Dallas McCready
VP Finance Robert J. McGrath, CPA