EM&I Maritime, EM&I Stantec and Inversa Systems pioneer unique new technical solutions

May 2012  •  Off Shore Oil and Gas  •  Article

Inversa Systems, in partnership with EM&I Maritime and EM&I Stantec, have developed an exciting new technology in diagnostic inspection equipment that will save time and money for onshore and offshore operators and asset owners. Inversa’s patented Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) will better identify corrosion issues that were previously unable to be detected while also providing more meaningful diagnostics.

BCT brings the diagnostic capabilities of medical computed tomography to the oil and gas industry. It allows the monitoring of assets without removing insulation, therefore giving a better understanding of the integrity of components that currently are difficult and costly to inspect.

“This is breakthrough technology,” says Andy Power, President of EM&I Stantec. “Detecting and addressing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) can often require the complete removal and replacement of insulation, a costly and labour intensive proposition. But, working with Inversa Systems, the EM&I Stantec team found a solution to develop more efficient and cost effective methods to address the problem presented by CUI.”

BCT uses a gamma backscatter technique to evaluate the internal and external surfaces of a pipe or vessel. In this way, BCT can accurately detect the depth of CUI, even when the system remains operating and insulated.

EM&I Stantec and EM&I Maritime have now signed an exclusive Global Strategic Technology Alliance Agreement (GSTAA) with Inversa Systems to pioneer the use of BCT in the offshore oil and gas industry. To date, Inversa systems and EM&I Stantec have invested over CDN$3 million on the development of the BCT system.

“EM&I and EM&I Stantec have the unique combination of analytical engineering and practical on-site personnel needed to bring fundamentally new technologies, like BCT, to the off-shore industry,” says John Bowles, CEO of Inversa Systems.

About EM&I EM&I is an industry leading global organization providing Asset Integrity, Inspection and specialized Repair & Maintenance services to the Oil, Gas and Energy Industries. 

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About EM&I Stantec EM&I StantecLtd. is owned by Stantec Consulting Ltd. of Canada, and EM&I (Maritime) Ltd part of the global EM&I Alliance. EM&I Stantec offers O-AIMS (Operations Asset Integrity Management System) services to Oil, Gas and Energy Companies.
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About Inversa Systems Inversa Systems creates diagnostic inspection technologies. Inversa’s tools help asset managers better understand the health of their infrastructures in order to make more profitable operations and maintenance decisions.
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