Acuro/Inversa Ink Partnership Deal to Bring Inversa’s Solutions to Quebec

Jun 2015  •  CMP  •  Article

Inversa Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Acuro to expand Inversa’s operation into Quebec. 

Stephane Joseph, Senior Executive of Acuro, comments that, “there is a huge need for infrastructure renewal in Quebec. The solution brought by Inversa allows operators to address more assets with the same budget to increase the safety of their roads and water systems.” 

Acuro specializes in the promotion of state-of-the-art buried infrastructure assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions. Inversa and Acuro naturally compliment each other as Inversa’s industry leading condition assessment and asset management solution, SoilsightTM, allows planning for the best possible outcome of trenchless rehabilitation projects. Acuro, through its large contact base and innovative suite of solutions, has the background to be considered an industry expert and are well established with clients in the major Quebec markets. Many of these clients have been introduced to Inversa’s products and the first project was completed in March 2015.

Acuro/Inversa Ink Partnership Deal to Bring Inversa’s Solutions to Quebec

President & CEO of Inversa, John Bowles, says, “Acuro’s solutions are helping resolve major technical and financial challenges that are common in the civil infrastructure market across North America.” For Acuro, Inversa represents cutting edge engineering and technological resources to ensure the optimal rehabilitation solution is chosen. This guarantees that each client gets the best outcome for their specific situation because every site is different.