​Inversa Announces a Major Strategic Partnership with Ground Works Solutions

Jun 2016  •  Civil Infrastructure  •  Company News

Growth has been the goal for Inversa Systems in 2016. The strategy to achieve this sustainable growth is establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders in their geographic locations.

To this end, Inversa is proud to announce its latest partnership with Ground Works Solutions which has a diverse record of proven sales and operations in the US offering a suite of products for trenchless rehabilitation including its patented Deep Injection® Process.

The Deep Injection® Process is a quick, safe and cost-effective solution for soil stabilization. Applying Ground Works Solutions’ services allow public works managers to implement preventative maintenance measures and repair for voids and loosely compacted soils along their sanitary and storm water sewer systems.

Ground Works Solutions’ respected safety culture, along with its existing relationship with the owners and operators of large infrastructure inventories gives Inversa the opportunity to reach new clients through a trusted distributor in the United States.

Asset owners such as municipalities, State Departments of Transportation and special service districts are all faced with managing large volumes of ageing infrastructure on a limited budget. This is a challenge experienced in every region around the world, and is an increasingly public topic in North America. To address these challenges, innovative solutions are being employed to offer alternatives to conventional construction practices which commonly rely on the replacement of an asset once it reaches the end of its design life—this is often costly and highly disruptive requiring large scale excavation.

​Inversa Announces a Major Strategic Partnership with Ground Works Solutions

Inversa’s technology and products are a natural compliment to Ground Works Solutions. Soilsight™ is Inversa’s condition assessment process used to investigate the structural integrity of buried pipes. The identification of soil stability surrounding these pipes is critical to the structural integrity of the asset. Conclusive soil side information is made possible by Inversa’s patented BCT imaging system called Insight™ - the world’s first portable CT scan.

“In the cases that Soilsight™ condition assessment identifies soil instability or voiding, Ground Works Solutions’ is ideal for undertaking rehabilitation,” says Inversa CEO, John Bowles, “Ground Works Solutions has a suite of complementing trenchless products, including products used to stabilize the soil and reline the pipe; this holistic approach provides long lasting structural rehabilitation to safely extend the useful service life of the asset.” President of Sales at Ground Works Solutions, Cory Carlson, refers to this as “an ‘Inside and Outside’ approach which allows buried infrastructure to be rehabilitated with the confidence of knowing that all structural elements of the asset were known and addressed.”

This ‘Inside and Outside’ approach to managing buried infrastructure such as highway culverts, storm drains and flood control structures is most effectively used in an asset management framework. As more assets reach the end of their useful service lives, it is critical to manage the operation and rehabilitation of them to safely maintain service at a sustainable cost.

Working together, Inversa and Ground Works Solutions are the solution for the condition assessment and rehabilitation of buried infrastructure.

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