​Notice of Appointment

Feb 2014  •  Company News

John Bowles, BScE, MScE, PEng 
President & CEO - Inversa Systems Ltd.

As Inversa Systems Ltd. embarks on its next stage of growth and expansion; the board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of John Bowles as President and CEO. Mr. Bowles’ previously served as President. A professional engineer with demonstrated business savvy, Mr. Bowles’ leadership will allow the company to manage its current sales growth while responding to increasing demand for its technology by new industry sectors. 

Company founder Jake Arsenault has played a critical role in moving Inversa from concept to product and is supportive of the next steps forward. Dr. Arsenault is now exploring early stage opportunities. Inversa has developed the first CT scanner (CAT scan) that is practical for infrastructure. 

Inversa’s Insight system provides clear and easy to understand diagnostic images of the internal health of industrial infrastructure and provides optimized asset integrity management services to their clients. 

For more information visit www.inversasystems.com