Soilsight™, Official Trade name of Inversa’s Civil Product Offering

Mar 2015  •  Civil Infrastructure  •  Article

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Inversa’s asset integrity management solution for civil infrastructure has been used since 2009 by private road owners, federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada, and by water utilities and the US Army Corps of Engineers in the United States. The full product offering, Soilsight™, has now been trademarked and joins Inversa’s intellectual property portfolio. 

First quarter projects in Ontario and Quebec, have again proven the value of Inversa’s end to end asset management product offering for civil infrastructure. 

Inversa is now preparing to undertake large scale asset management projects with various Departments of Transportation and Municipalities in Canada and the US, to help infrastructure owners dramatically reduce construction costs by applying proactive measures to lengthen an assets life cycle. Using this approach to condition assessment, optimal rehabilitation planning and trenchless rehabilitation techniques can be applied at a fraction of the cost of replacing assets. 

This holistic condition assessment protocol, Soilsight™, is supported by proprietary tools that include software driven visual and acoustic data collection, as well as a new lightweight radiation imaging scanner (BCT). 

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