Inversa's Unique Tools for Offshore Oil & Gas

Insight diagnostic imaging allows the accurate imaging of the steel pipe beneath a composite wrap repair. A unique inspection technique has been developed and class approved which enables the integrity of the temporary repair to be assessed while in-service.

Corrosion and other anomalies on piping are often temporarily repaired with various types of composite wraps. The ‘wrapped’ repairs are difficult to inspect, resulting in a requirement for a permanent repair by a due date, irrespective of the integrity of the temporary repair. This work normally requires a plant shutdown with consequential additional POB, cost and operational disruption.


  • Avoids unnecessary repairs saving at least 25% of the overall programme cost
  • Inspections are carried out during normal operations and the results used to improve shutdown planning and reduce POB
  • Is ABS approved and supports a compliant Temporary Repair Management programme

The WrapSight™ methodology developed by Inversa and EM&I uses a combination of advanced NDT methods including Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) to determine the condition of the repair material and the underlying piping. 

The complete Temporary Repair Management Service is comprised of, Temporary Repair Register (set-up and management), Risk Based Inspection Plan, In-service Inspections, Reports with Recommendations, Repair Supervision and Close Out Inspection Report for compliance certification.