Condition Assessment​

The method is referred to as WrapSight™ and it offers the advantages of providing:

  • evidence that there is no other significant degradation of the pipe or vessel in the area obscured by the composite wrap;
  • confirmation that there is no further reduction in remaining material thickness in the damaged region;
  • evidence confirming a sound bond between the composite repair and the pipe or vessel;
  • evidence confirming a sound bond between the layers of the composite wrap.  

With WrapSight™ detailed evaluation of the host pipe is now possible for optimized operation decision making and regulatory compliance.

Condition Assessment

Inversa specializes in creating condition assessment methods using unique techniques and technology combined with complimentary non-destructive testing methods. For the offshore Oil and Gas industry, Inversa has developed a condition assessment method for evaluating the integrity of wrap repaired pipes and vessels.

The condition assessment steps include a close visual inspection, ultrasonic measurement techniques, radiography of the wrapped region and backscatter computed tomography of the damaged area.