Avoid washouts, collapse and unnecessary replacement of buried pipes.

The SoilSight™ condition assessment package provides an effective method to systematically catalogue, condition assess, prioritize and prescribe rehabilitation to optimize buried infrastructure life cycles.

When used in an asset management framework, SoilSight™ allows asset owners to get ahead of a backlog of ageing infrastructure, increase safety and decrease capital expenditure.

Optimize Budgets

True structural analysis can help avoid costly dig and replace construction, and target which assets to repair or rehabilitate, at the optimal time and cost.

Maximize Safety

Conclusive diagnostic imaging information allows the mitigation of risks associated with unknown structural conditions.

Extend Service Life

Soilsight’s™ industry leading condition assessment information allows site-specific rehabilitation planning to extend the life of buried infrastructure.

Stay One Step Ahead

Use robust information to conduct highly effective trenchless rehabilitations and enhance the asset management of buried infrastructure.