InScribe™ is a Tablet Based Condition Assessment Software Tool

  • Collect field information, measurements and photos
  • Generate graphical representations of the asset using geometric and dimensional information
  • Transfer the information to a database for storage, export to asset management systems, and produce automated reports

InScribe™ is a multi-use tool that can be tailored to meet unique condition assessment requirements for asset management systems. For each application Inversa combines the most rigorous elements of inspection procedures from industry leading organizations. This makes InScribe™ an easy to use tool for collecting all relevant condition information. The data is transferred and housed in a database that can be easily imported into asset management software packages. 

Robust condition information is key to the success of an asset management strategy. Use Inscribe™ to conduct regulatory compliant condition assessments using your existing inspectors.   

Condition Data for Asset Management

Inscribe™ runs on any Android based tablet and is a versatile software unit that is practical for field level information collection, transfer and storage. Once collected, the information can be organized, sorted and manipulated to meet the requirements of the end user. Currently the system is being used for applications in civil infrastructure.

To request a demonstration or enquire about using Inscribe™ contact Inversa Systems.