Insight™ Diagnostic Imaging uses Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) Technology

Unique features of BCT™:

  • Imaging from a single side 
  • Material independence 
  • Accurate dimensional information
  • No required material preparation
  • Easily interpreted images

Insight™ is used for industrial diagnostic imaging. BCT™ differs from conventional and digital industrial radiography in that it provides a tomographic or cross-sectional “slice” view of the material within the scan field. By employing backscattered radiation, BCT has the unique ability to examine infrastructure comprised of almost any material from a single side, regardless of its physical size.

Look Inside Before You Decide

Insight™, Inversa’s flagship technology is based on medical CT (CAT scan) imaging fundamentals. It allows the imaging of materials such as steel, composites, soil and plastics for diagnostic purposes. This unique non-destructive testing modality enables the enhanced evaluation of a broad cross-section of infrastructure in various industrial sectors such as civil infrastructure and offshore oil and gas. 

To create commercial condition assessment packages, Insight™ is used as part of a multi-tool process to offer the full structural condition of a structure. By packaging Insight™ with complimentary techniques, a full solution can be offered to meet inspection challenges that persist in industry. The condition assessment information offered is used to support critical asset management, maintenance and operations decisions.