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We Develop Asset Integrity Management Technology and Software Solutions for Infrastructure Managers
Patented Diagnostic Technology for Roadway and Drainage Assets

Inversa provides critical diagnostic information and analytical data to produce engineering assessment and asset management solutions with in-house developed technologies and software for Civil Infrastructure and the Oil & Gas Industries.

Utilizing a combination of patented hardware and software applications, Inversa uncovers key data utilized for condition assessment of critical infrastructure. The accuracy and repeatability of the data allows Inversa's engineers to recommend cost optimized and efficient maintenance or rehabilitation solutions. Complete reporting provides solution comparison for replacement vs. rehab costs, life cycle benefits as well as return on investment (ROI).

This information helps managers find the optimal life cycle path for each asset using data and dashboards to communicate recommendations across entire asset networks.


Inversa designs all software solutions to integrate with any current asset management platform. All solutions can be used as a network wide approach or parts can be used on individual asset on a project specific basis.

Although Inversa focus' on civil infrastructure roadway assets and drainage structures, these solutions are also used effectively, in part or in whole, across a variety of asset classes, types and industries.

Civil Infrastructure & Asset Management

Assisted by in-house patented technologies, Inversa has successfully delivered industry leading asset management, as well as engineering assessments, recommendations, and designs on a wealth of Civil Infrastructure projects gloablly.

Oil derrick
Oil and Gas Industries

Inversa's patented backscatter computed tomography technology has been applied to a variety of Oil & Gas assets for in-service monitoring wall thickness and surface condition of insulated and coated vessels.


Inversa is regularly asked to develop and apply various of its technologies to a variety of unmet industry inspection challenges.  Sometimes this involves directly applying its core technology to new asset types or similar asset types in differing industries.  Inversa maintains an active research and development team to work with clients as needed on various industry challenges.

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