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Services for all lifecycle stages

Inversa provides both individual project services for critical assets, but more frequently tackles network wide drainage asset managment challenges for its clients.


Most services can be used stand alone to locate and identify issues but when grouped as a package true asset managment and optomization of life cycle vs cost can be achieved. 


inSight™ diagnostic imaging applied to structures constructed of Corrugated Metal Pipe identifies regions of soil voiding or undermining.

The image above shows the corrugated metal pipe wall, good supporting soil on the top left of the image and a transition to soil void on the right of the image. 

Drainage Structure Inspections
Bridge Inspections
Consulting Services
Rehablitation Planning and Design
Asset Management
  • Inversa assesses over 250,000 drainage assets per year 

  • The team performs OSIM inspections, client specific inspections as well as inScribe™ condition assessments based on demand.

  • inSight Lite and inSight patented culvert scanners are utilized to more accurately assess pipes showing signs of soil voids.


Bridge Inspections

  • Inversa's team is OSIM qualified.

  • Currently undertaking OSIM inspection contracts across multiple provinces.

  • As a recent expansion for Inversa, the team looks to apply in-house data analysis and condition assessment techniques with the highest level of accuracy.

  • Alongside a variety of data hosting options, Inversa provides effective bridge management solutions in house or via clients preferred software platform.


Rehabilitation Planning and Design

  • Based on accurate condition assessment data, a lifecycle analysis is performed and optimal maintenance decisions made.

  • Trenchless rehablitation often provides the best solution for our clients as it is fast and cost effective.

  • These methodologies often reduce costs between 50-75% when compared to culvert replacements.


Asset Management

  • Dashboards and analytics are used for large scale networks to display assessment data, outcomes, recommendations, maintenance activities, rehabs vs replacement decisions and costing associated with each.

  • Based on the analytics, an optimal solution is recommended for each asset with a projected return on investment (ROI).

  • Safety, environment and cost savings are optimally balanced using this approach.


Consulting Services

  • Inversa's engineers have experience in all stages of civil infrastructure projects and can assist in:

    • Developing design speicifications and procurement documents.​

    • Construction and Contract management, ensuring budget, specification and timelines are met.

    • Post Construction quality assurance and quality control via our in-house technologies.

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