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Civil Infrastructure

Asset Managemet

Asset Management

Inversa Systems is an engineering company that provides asset integrity management products and solutions using diagnostic information created by its unique condition assessment tools. These products all have one thing in common: they are solutions to previously unsatisfied problems involving unmet inspection challenges that have persisted in various industries.

Inversa develops unique technologies, bundled with conventional condition assessment methods and packaged with standardized protocols, to create a holistic condition assessment product for a particular asset.

There are three (3) primary areas of value for Inversa's work within Civil Infrastructure;

  • Budget and operational optimization

  • Adapting to environmental and climate changes

  • Ensuring safe and reliable trade corridors and transportation systems


Importance of Civil Infrastructure Asset Management

  • Aging Infrastructure exists in all jurisdictions and affects all asset classes

Inversa's Approach

With these tools, Inversa is able to provide end-to-end asset mangement from new construction, maintenance, rehabilition, as well as replacement. Each of the services outlined below represents a specific point in an assets lifecycle, which can be used standalone for acute assessement or as a suite to cover the whole asset lifecycle.

  • Locating and Mapping of drainage assets within a network.

  • While mobilized for location services many clients request Level 1 condition assessments at the same time.

  • Culvert condition assessment and screening via inScribe as well as ArcGIS.


Level I - Visual inScribe and InsightLite™

  • Inversa's inScribe™ inspection protocol provides an indepth condition assessment based on a proven ranking system for key visual indicators.

  • Inversa's patented inSightLite™ handheld device provides an efficient void detection tool for culverts when needed.

  • inSightLite™ data is translated to a heat map highlighting soil loss behind the pipe wall.

  • InSight Lite™ is very fast and is often completed with an initial Phase 1 inspection to reduce mob costs.


Level 2 - Advanced Structural Inspections

  • Based on Level 1 results a variety advanced inspections are sometimes recommended.

  • Inversa utilizes both in-house and off the shelf technologies for advanced inspections.

  • inSight™ backscatter computed tomography (BCT) is often used to qualify and quantify void areas identified by Level 1 inspections.


Rehabilitation Planning
and Design

  • Based on accurate condition assessment data, a lifecycle analysis is performed and optimal maintenance decisions made.

  • Trenchless rehablitation often provides the best solution for our clients as it is fast and cost effective.

  • These methodologies often reduce costs between 50-75% when compared to culvert replacements.

  • Complete designs and recommendations are made as required.


Asset Management & Return on Investments Analysis

  • Dashboards and analytics are used for large scale networks to display assessment data, outcomes, recommendations, maintenance activities, rehabs vs replacement decisions and costing associated with each.

  • Based on the analytics, an optimal solution is recommended for each asset with a projected return on investment (ROI).

  • Safety, environment and cost savings are optimally balanced using this approach.


Specification Development & Procurement Services

  • Our engineering team has extensive experience in all stages of civil infrastructure projects.

  • We can assit in detailed design and procurement services on a variety of project types by developing design specifications and procurement documents.


Construction & Contract Management

  • Our team of engineers and technologist have experience, and can assist you in ensuring your civil infrastructure construction projects are delivered on time, on budget, and as designed/specified in the contract documents.


Post Construction QAQC

  • With the help of our in-house technologies, our engineers and technologist can provide reliable and efficient post construction QAQC services on a multitude of civil infrastructure projects. Our inSight™ BCT and inSight™  Lite technologies have proven to be valuable tools to help identify inadequate backfill or annular space grouting efforts.

  • Inversa commonly inspects post construction grouting of annular spaces for slipline projects.

Inversa's Approach
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