Inversa's Unique Tools and Services for Civil Infrastructure

Insight™, the first portable CT scan for infrastructure

  • Perform structural condition assessments of buried infrastructure 
  • Identify, visualize and measure soil voiding and undermining around pipes 
  • Conclusively verify the structural condition of supporting soil prior to rehabilitation  

Inscribe™, tablet software

  • Perform condition assessment in the field
  • Collect and store all information
  • Easily capture, store and export photos
  • Generate tailored condition reports
  • Integrate information with existing asset management systems 

Soilsight™, condition assessment for buried infrastructure

  • Optimize asset management decisions and budgets
  • Plan trenchless rehabilitation projects
  • Safely extend the useful service life of buried infrastructure

State of Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure forms the foundation on which modern civilization is built. It facilitates all day to day activities and is relied upon by everyone.

  • Ageing Infrastructure exists in all jurisdictions and affects all asset classes
  • Replacement costs often far exceed available budgets - this creates the "Infrastructure Deficit"
  • Reactive maintenance, repair and replacement is more costly than proactive action
  • The costs of failure include the damage caused, cost to fix as well as the lost service 
  • Innovative rehabilitation techniques are available and are constantly being introduced
  • Robust Asset Management strategies utilizing modern tools can reduce an organization's infrastructure deficit 
  • Good condition information is key to optimizing an assets life cycle cost