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Oil derrick


WrapSight Top

Accurately Gauge Wall Loss

Accurately gauge wall loss by combining complimentary methods. Wrapsight™ is used to monitor wall loss of large diameter pipes under engineered and temporary composite wraps.


Monitor Flaws in Real-Time

InSight’s™ conclusive diagnostic imaging information provides on-site and real-time information and enables rapid decision making in-situ and in-service.


Extend Asset Service Life

Use detailed integrity information to safely avoid unnecessary replacement, plan maintenance, decrease POB and avoid operational disruption.


Fit-For-Service Certification

Satisfy regulatory requirements and certify an asset fit-for-service by conclusively proving structural integrity using robust information.


Temporary Wrap Repair Inspection
& Asset Integrity Management


WrapSight™ is a patented condition assessment protocol for metallic pressure pipe with wrap repairs.

Pressure systems in an offshore setting experience external corrosion in the form of scabs and blisters. When repaired with engineered or temporary composite wraps the host pipe becomes impossible to inspect with conventional methods. These repairs are therefore date limited due to lack of integrity information. 

With WrapSight™ detailed evaluation of the host pipe is now possible for optimized operation decision making and regulatory compliance.

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