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Government signs contract for innovative highway culvert condition assessment and asset management

FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick government has signed a contract with a Fredericton engineering company that is changing the way culverts are assessed.

“Your government understands that transportation infrastructure is vital to the safety of the traveling public and the competitiveness of our industries,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “Timely maintenance of infrastructure like culverts preserves its lifespan and costs less than replacement.”

Inversa Systems has developed technology that allows for a more efficient inspection and assessment of culverts that are buried in deep fills and carry a large volume of traffic. Using what is known as backscatter computed tomography, the company can assess buried structures without digging them up for a visual inspection.

“Culverts are an essential part of our transportation network in New Brunswick,” said Fraser. “This technology allows us to inspect culverts in the ground, without the expense of digging them up, not to mention the inconvenience for motorists.”

The department has been exploring the use of the company’s technology through a pilot assessment of 15 culverts and has now formalized the relationship with a five-year contract for the assessment of 250 culverts at a maximum cost of $500,000 per year.

“This program will position the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure as a leader in asset management of buried infrastructure,” said Inversa Systems president and CEO John Bowles. “We look forward to replicating this model across North America, which will create jobs and more economic growth right here in New Brunswick.”

Strategic investments in infrastructure are a key component of the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan, the government’s framework for growing the economy and creating jobs.


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