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Application Development

A Rich History of Research and Development

Inversa Systems is applying its unique technologies in commercial application to satisfy previously unmet inspection challenges in the Civil Infrastructure sector as well as in Offshore Oil and Gas. Inversa's existing technologies also have potential application in various other industrial sectors. A division of the company remains dedicated to solving new challenges by extending the usefulness of the existing technology to new applications as well as create innovative diagnostic imaging and other non-destructive testing techniques.

Innovation at Inversa also means finding new ways to work with partners around the world and organizations that manage infrastructure to maximize the benefits of condition assessment and asset management for all infrastructure classes.  


In the past BCT™ diagnostic imaging has been applied to challenges in aerospace, water distribution and chemical processing to name a few. See the case studies below about Inversa's use of BCT as well as the development of new techniques and technology.

Application Development Process

  • Validate BCT as a practical and valuable method for imaging

  • Assess the commercial viability of the application

  • Identify what information is required to build the most robust condition assessment possible

  • Bundle together the tools required to offer a best in class condition assessment package

  • Tailor the reporting process to meet the requirements of the market

Application Dev



InScribe™ is a Tablet Based Condition Assessment Software Tool


Condition Data for Asset Management

  • Collect field information, measurements and photos

  • Generate graphical representations of the asset using geometric and dimensional information

  • Transfer the information to a database for storage, export to asset management systems, and produce automated reports


InScribe™ is a multi-use tool that can be tailored to meet unique condition assessment requirements for asset management systems. For each application Inversa combines the most rigorous elements of inspection procedures from industry leading organizations. This makes InScribe™ an easy to use tool for collecting all relevant condition information. The data is transferred and housed in a database that can be easily imported into asset management software packages. 

Robust condition information is key to the success of an asset management strategy. Use Inscribe™ to conduct regulatory compliant condition assessments using your existing inspectors.


Inscribe™ runs on any Android based tablet and is a versatile software unit that is practical for field level information collection, transfer and storage. Once collected, the information can be organized, sorted and manipulated to meet the requirements of the end user. Currently the system is being used for applications in civil infrastructure.

To request a demonstration or enquire about using Inscribe™ contact us today


Inscribe™ Data Collection Tool

The Inscribe™ Data Collection Tool allows field inspectors to quickly and effectively capture all relevant condition information. This includes site photos, geometric information, NDT results and field notes. Once captured the information can be transmitted and processed into a condition report and indexed within an existing asset management system. 




Insight™ Diagnostic Imaging uses Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) Technology

Unique features of BCT™

  • Imaging from a single side 

  • Material independence 

  • Accurate dimensional information

  • No required material preparation

  • Easily interpreted images


Insight™ is used for industrial diagnostic imaging. BCT™ differs from conventional and digital industrial radiography in that it provides a tomographic or cross-sectional “slice” view of the material within the scan field. By employing backscattered radiation, BCT has the unique ability to examine infrastructure comprised of almost any material from a single side, regardless of its physical size.


Insight™, Inversa’s flagship technology is based on medical CT (CAT scan) imaging fundamentals. It allows the imaging of materials such as steel, composites, soil and plastics for diagnostic purposes. This unique non-destructive testing modality enables the enhanced evaluation of a broad cross-section of infrastructure in various industrial sectors such as civil infrastructure and offshore oil and gas.

To create commercial condition assessment packages, Insight™ is used as part of a multi-tool process to offer the full structural condition of a structure. By packaging Insight™ with soilSight, inScribe and inSight Lite, a full solution can be offered to meet inspection challenges that persist in industry. The condition assessment information offered is used to support critical asset management, maintenance and operations decisions.


Insight™ diagnostic imaging applied to structures constructed of Corrugated Metal Pipe identifies regions of soil voiding or undermining.

The image above shows the corrugated metal pipe wall, good supporting soil on the top left of the image and a transition to soil void on the right of the image. 


inSight Lite



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Avoid washouts, collapse and unnecessary replacement of buried infrastructures.

The SoilSight™ condition assessment package provides an effective method to systematically catalogue, condition assess, prioritize and prescribe rehabilitation to optimize buried infrastructure life cycles.


When used in an asset management framework, SoilSight™ allows asset owners to get ahead of a backlog of ageing infrastructure, increase safety and decrease capital expenditure.


Optimize Budgets

True structural analysis can help avoid costly dig and replace construction, and target which assets to repair or rehabilitate, at the optimal time and cost.

Maximize Safety

Conclusive diagnostic imaging information allows the mitigation of risks associated with unknown structural conditions.


Extend Service Life

Soilsight’s™ industry leading condition assessment information allows site-specific rehabilitation planning to extend the life of buried infrastructure.


Stay One Step Ahead

Use robust information to conduct highly effective trenchless rehabilitations and enhance the asset management of buried infrastructure.


SoilSight™ Condition Assessment of buried flexible conduits (CMP and plastic pipe) is a phased approach to condition assessment including:

  • Software driven visual appraisal to document 

  • Repeatable acoustic assessment to screen potential soil instability

  • Diagnostic imaging to verify and visualize the supporting soil's integrity

  • This condition assessment is used to optimize the future operation decisions of the individual asset and support improved asset management practices to extend asset service life, optimize budgets and increase safety. 

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