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Tower Engineering Services

Inversa's Tower Services 

Inversa's focus in the communication tower sector is on Inspection Services, Site Management, Design, and Asset Management. These services can be combined to provide a complete asset management solution, from site selection to full operation. Our engineering team has extensive experience in this field and can assist current Tower managers in maintaining and expanding their asset network.

  • Maintenance Inspections and Minor Maintenance Work

  • Acceptance Inspections

  • Post Constructions Inspections

  • Safety Audits

  • Relamping Tower Lights

  • Field Audits

  • Fall-Arrest System Inspection and CSA compliance audits.

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Foundation Inspections

  • Rooftop Inspections


Engineering Design

  • Structural Design Drawings

  • New Site Layouts

  • Foundation Designs

  • Structural Tower Mapping

  • New Antenna Mounts

  • Rooftop Mapping and Design

  • Structural Analysis

  • Reinforcing Upgrades

  • Small Cells and In-Building Design

Project Management.png

Site Construction and Management Services

  • New Construction Management and Site Supervision

  • Site Specification Development

  • Maintenance Tendering and Management

  • Tower and Building Permit Aquisition

  • Post-Storm Site Audits

  • Decommissioned Site Management

Inversa's Approach
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