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Civil Infrastructure

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SoilSight™ Condition Assessment of buried flexible conduits (CMP and plastic pipe) is a phased approach to condition assessment including:

  • Software driven visual appraisal to document relevant condition information

  • Repeatable acoustic assessment to screen potential soil instability 

  • Diagnostic imaging to verify and visualize the supporting soil's integrity 

This condition assessment is used to optimize the future operation decisions of the individual asset and support improved asset management practices to extend asset service life, optimize budgets and


lnSight™ is used for industrial diagnostic imaging. BCT™ differs from conventional and digital industrial radiography in that it provides a tomographic or cross-sectional "slice" view of the material within the scan field. By employing backscattered radiation, BCT has the unique ability to examine infrastructure comprised of almost any material from a single side, regardless of its physical size. 


The InScribe™ Data Collection Tool allows field inspectors to quickly and effectively capture all relevant condition information. This includes site photos, geometric information, NDT results and field notes. Once captured the information can be transmitted and processed into a condition report 
and indexed within an existing asset management system. 

Oil & Gas

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The WrapSight™ Condition Assessment methodology developed by lnversa and EM&I uses a combination of advanced NDT methods including Backscatter Computed Tomography (BCT) to determine the condition of the repair material and the underlying piping. 

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